Our History


1933 – The Club was founded by Father Thomas O’ Ryan the current parish priest at that time and the courts were located in Macedon Street, Sunbury. Jack Flintoft & and his cousin were two of the earliest members and the club played competition under the name of Sunbury Catholics.









Jack Flintoft – Jack was born in Sunbury. During a marriage of 64 years to Peg, who pre-deceased him in 2011, he moved to North Albury where he was the founding parish secretary and accountant. Returning to Sunbury in 1974, Jack and Peg were active parishioners.

1949 to 1951 – MDTA Triple Premiers = Mountain District Tennis Association

1950 to 1951 – GDTA Competition was started & our club won the B Grade Shield 2 years straight – this was the Gisborne & District Tennis Association at that time.

1965 to 1966 – Sunbury Catholics win the B Grade Premiership


1968 - The Tennis Club was playing at the old Macedon Street location on three asphalt tennis courts, we beleive at around this time the club changed it's name or dropped the name of Sunbury Catholics.

1976 – Fr. James Feenan the Parish Priest between 1973 & 1977 asked a group of parish to get the club going again or rather they officisally changed the name to Our Lady of Mt Carmel Tennis Club and played in teams under that name.

1976 – Four asphalt courts owned by the church at the Macedon Street location were resealed and the club was up and running once again, with the assistance of Tom O’Dea & Mick Carey. John & Sheila Stafford from the church were involved in that part too as well as Tom & Glenys O’Dea.

1977 – Judy Unwin a current life member and still playing first joined the tennis club.

1979 – Spaceline homes office was purchased and transported to the club to replace the old wooden structure between courts two & three.

1981 – Toilets and wash room were added to the clubhouse.

1983 - Ladies teams moved from the Melton Tennis Competition over to the MDLTA (Mountain District Ladies Tennis Association)

1984 - First Saturday Seniors Premiership Team in the formally known competition GDTA (Gisbrone Districts Tennis Association), now the MRTA (Macedon Ranges Tennis Association)

1985 - First MDLTA Ladies Premiership Team in April

1989 – The Macedon Street land was sold off and new courts were built at the St. Anne’s primary school location in Stewarts Lane, they are 4 x En-Tout-Cas type courts, also known as porous and the the old weatherboard house known as the Parish House was used as the club house.

1990 – The new courts located at Stewarts Lane were officially opened on January 14th and light towers with lights were installed on all four courts.

2006 - Judy Unwin was awarded Life Membership on April 1st in this year.

2011 - Mutilple junior players from our club represented the Macedon Ranges and won the VCTA Southern Squad Challenge

2019 - Beth Girdwood was awarded Life Membership on July 22nd

2021 - Upgrades to the pergola with new laser lite and the installation of two new bus shelters for shade protection and seating.

2024 - LED upgrade of the lights in addition to the existing lights.