Coaching Pathway

The link to practice and playing competition)

Top Tennis has an easy to follow and progressive pathway for all children from 5 to 17 years of age as per the guide below!

1. Hot Shots Tennis - Under 6's

  • Level 1 - Red Ball

2. Hot Shots Tennis - Under 8's

  • Level 1 - Red Ball
  • Level 2 - Orange Ball

3. Hot Shots Tennis - Under 10's

  • Level 1 - Orange Ball 

4. Hot Shots Tennis - Under 12's 

  • Level 1 - Orange Ball  Entry level into club junior match play
  • Level 2 - Green Ball  1st entry level into junior competition tennis

Please see the information sheet via this link for further information about junior competition Junior Competition Form

5. Squad Tennis - 12's to 17's - Standard Yellow Ball  2nd entry level into junior competition tennis

  • Level 1 - D Grade - starting to play doubles matches
  • Level 2 - Beginners aged 11 and over - Entry level into junior club match play
  • Level 3 - C Grade - starting to play singles Entry level in junior tournaments
  • Level 4 - A & B Grade  Entry level in junior points tournaments   Entry level into senior match play and senior competition 
  • Level 5 - A Grade or higher  Entry level into senior tournaments

6. Private Lessons - All Age Levels - Red, Orange, Green & Standard Yellow Ball

  • All levels are catered for, entry levels into all tennis match play, competition and tournaments can be achieved with private lessons.

7. Tournament Tennis - this is geared towards players wanting to play more and /or higher level singles and matches outside their regular weekly club matches. Preparation and planning is key and discussion with your coach is required to ensure you are entering the right tournaments under the right conditions. There are however country and social tournaments across long weekends that all levels of players can play.

 For futher general tournament information below please go to the Tennis Victoria website Tournament pageTENNIS VICTORIA - TOURNAMENTS