What is competition tennis and what are your options ?

This is where you play for our club and compete against other tennis clubs in our district or association. Mt. Carmel Tennis Club is part of two associations being the North Suburban Tennis Association (Metro) and the Macedon Ranges Tennis Association (Rural). All the competitions have at least 2 seasons per year, with home and away games. There is no competition on long weekends, school holidays or public holidays, so the competitions are family friendly. You must also be a registered and paid club member to play competition! 


Our club has teams playing across both associations in various formats including;

  • Ladies MDLTA - Tuesday Daytime
  • Ladies NSNTA - Tuesday Nights
  • Mixed NSNTA - Wednesday Nights
  • Men's NSNTA - Thursday Nights
  • Unisex MRTA - Thursday Nights
  • Juniors NSJTA - Friday Nights and Saturday Morning
  • Seniors NSTA and MRTA - Saturday Afternoons

What are tennis associations ?

These are the local tennis governing bodies that host, organise and run the competition element of tennis, they are volunteers and they are passionate. They cover everything from team entries, the draw and calendar schedule, weekly ladders, match scores, association meetings, handle all player enquiries and general development of the game. Feel free to browse their direct websites via the link below.


There is also both daytime and night tennis in various formats as well and please see some further information below.


1. MDLTA - Tuesday Daytime - Adult Ladies

The Mountain District Ladies Tennis Association which operates out of the Macedon Ranges offers ladies doubles competition on Tuesday’s staring at 10.00am & finishing in the early afternoon, usually by 2pm with a wonderful afternoon tea spread – yum!!!

2. NSNTA - Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Nights - Adults and Teenagers

The North Suburban Night Tennis Association offers Tuesday Ladies, Wednesday mixed and Thursday men’s doubles competition – all these competitions have a 7.00pm start and finish between 9.45 & 10.15pm.

3. MRTA - Wednesday night ladies and Thursday night Unisex doubles both starting at 7.30pm.

4. NSJTA - Firiday nights & Saturday Morning - Juniors Under 18

The North Suburban Junior and the Macedon Ranges offers Junior competition Tennis on a Friday nights for A & B Grade players starting ay 7pm and then all levels of player from a beginner’s level of D Grade to A Grade on a Saturday morning that start between 8.30 to 9.30am, there is doubles match play for the lower grades and then children progress to singles match play when they advance up through the levels. All players are graded by the coaches and the selection committee prior to teams being entered.

5. MRTA - Saturday Afternoon - Adults and Teenagers

The MRTA offers competition for seniors on Saturday afternoon starting from 1.30pm in a mixed or unisex format with doubles match play.

6. NSTA Mixed Weekend - Saturday afternoon - Adults and Teenagers

This compertition offers both singles and doubles tennis options in a team format with matches starting around 1 ro 1.30pm.